About Me


A former English teacher (before that I was several things, including university lecturer, barman, recycling technician and golf caddy) I am a native of Glasgow. I now live on Scotland’s west coast with my wife, daughter and a very big dog, where I enjoy cooking with eggs, running on the beach, re-watching my favourite films, and buying books to feed my to-be-read pile.

I have visited schools and festivals all over the UK, promoting reading for pleasure, sharing my creative process and delivering writing masterclasses. My workshops ― calibrated to meet the needs of each year group ― are designed to increase engagement, support independence, develop literacy, and raise attainment in writing.




As a writer, I’m interested in the stories that take place in the shadows, and exploring the tension between laughter and fear. I love the work of John Steinbeck and Philip Pullman. More than anything else, I love to edit, because that's where the real writing gets done. You can read about how I became a writer here.



As a human being, I’m interested in spending time with my family, trying to make the perfect Old Fashioned, and meeting interesting writers with whom I can record episodes of my podcast, Four Books (see navigation menu at the top of the page!)


Photo: Rob McDougall

Photo: Rob McDougall


If you’d like me to visit your school/library/festival to deliver a reading/talk/workshop, click here to find out more about my events- or send me a message