What's your book about?

Riverkeep is inspired by the real-life river men of the Glasgow Humane Society, and blends classic, gothic horror with contemporary humour. Here's a short synopisis:


Fifteen-year-old Wulliam is due to take over as Riverkeep from his father, meaning he'll spend his life patrolling the banks, rescuing the drowning and recovering the drowned... but he does not want this wilderness life, and is preparing to run away. 

Then everything changes. 

His father is taken under the water by a skin-stealing spirit, and Wull embarks on an epic journey down the river he's never explored in pursuit of the mormorach: a monster of myth and magic he believes holds the cure his father desperately needs. Reluctantly gathering a band of misfits and rogues as he rows towards the coast, Wull faces unimaginable dangers, and learns what it means to be the Riverkeep. 

What's your next book about?

The next book is due out in 2017, and is nothing to do with Riverkeep

The Sacrifice Box is an 80s-set comedy horror in which a group of young people become temporary friends one summer, just before starting Middle School. And they make an act of sacrifice, hoping it will bind them together forever. 

But four years later, they've drifted apart. Then strange, frightening things start happening, and it seems to be connected to their all-but-forgotten sacrifice. Led by the class nerd, Sep, they learn the real meaning of friendship as they face up to the horrors inside the sacrifice box. 

How did you become a writer?

After ten years of reading, writing, practice, and failure. Nothing worthwhile comes easy, and my path to publication was long and twisting. You can read more about it here. 

Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?

I sure do. As I said above, it took me ten years to get published, and throughout that time I was hungry for every bit of advice and every publication story I could get (still am). Click here to read my nuggets of wisdom, such as they are.

Do you charge for readings/events?


Yes: event fees are significant part of my income and, like most people, I can't afford to work for free. My rates- £175 plus travel for one hour-long event, £250 plus travel for two- are well within Book Trust and Society of Author guidelines, and I'd be delighted to discuss a special rate with you if you'd like me to visit for a whole day. Please contact me if you'd like to discuss any aspect of my events or pricing.