Set in 1986, and soaked in a riot of 80s culture―from Nintendo to Hall and Oates ―THE SACRIFICE BOX is a comedy horror about friendship, growing up, and finding our place in the world: Gremlins meets The Breakfast Club by way of Ghostbusters and Stephen King. Here's the story...


1982, the summer before Middle School. Five total strangers―Sep, Arkle, Hadley, Lamb and Mack― become instant friends. On the last day of the holidays they find a stone box buried in the forest, and each makes a sacrifice: placing an object inside to seal their friendship. And they make rules:

Never come to the box alone

Never open it after dark

Never take back your sacrifice


1986, the summer before High School. The five have not spoken since that day. Sep has gone through the past four years alone, and plans to escape to a boarding school on the mainland. But strange things are happening, and his mother is falling ill again.

Someone has broken the rules.

It seems the five committed more than objects to the box’s ancient stone―their deepest secrets and darkest fears are being returned in a flood of shambling corpses, murderous toys and undead pets. The gang must reunite in an attempt to discover the secrets of the sacrifice box―and Sep might be the only one who can stem its tide of evil before it’s too late.


I'm very, very excited about this one. Due for release in 2017, there'll be a cover reveal and more to follow!


If you're keen to get started on the 80s-fest, check out the Spotify playlist I listened to on repeat while I was writing!